It's all about me. It has what I like, do, see or just feel like posting. Don't care who approves or disapproves. You don't like it here, click on by. You are of course welcome to voice your opinions on the blog area of my site. If I don't like what you have to say or what you think I will of course remove it. Like I said, the site is all about me. If you want a place your feelings matter, get a MySpace, Facebook or learn to code your own page.

         Still here? Feel free to look around and check out my page. I do the coding myself and pride myself on some of the ways I can manipulate HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are a few scripts that I didnt make, but they didnt remain unmodified long. I enjoy learning new things and doing my own webpage lets me learn and be creative all at once once once once once once.


         The name came from my net handle over a decade ago. If you dont see it yet, Egras is sarge spelled backwards. I been a Soldier for a long time and it has defined me, so the name stuck. As far as the .net extension? Im not a .com profit site and I am not a .org non-profit site. I am just a site on the internet and that extension seemed the most fitting. Simple and to the point.


         These are a few of my favorite things. Things I am. Things I do. Things I have done. The only thing missing is my family. You may find my family in some of the photos at most. I am not going to go further into detail about them though. Too many bad people out there.